Next Epoch encompasses the work of Steve + Bre Klebanoff

Steve Klebanoff

Steve is a full-time core contributor to PartyDAO, and an advisor to Art Blocks and Artie.

Previously, he has been a collaborator of the generative NFT series Silk Road and Solvency. He cut his teeth in the DeFi ecosystem as a Senior Software Engineer and Tech Lead at 0x.

Bre Klebanoff

Bre is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Reiki Master, Speaker and philanthropist whose work spans a variety of industries. While she isn’t playing in the crypto markets or with her two kids, Bre has worked as a wellness coach for 0x and a couples therapist for celebrities.

Bre is currently observing a one-year self-imposed energy healing internship that will end in October. Until then she is offering free in-person energy healing sessions to select friends in exchange for a review. These 90-minute sessions concentrate on releasing energy or emotions that are getting in the way of a person reaching their highest good.

Book an in-person session in Escondido, CA with Bre here.

Next Epoch Ventures

Next Epoch Ventures represents Steve + Bre's joint venture in angel investing, NFT collecting, and DeFi positions.

Angel Investing: Steve & Bre invest $10-$25k checks in promising funds and early-stage companies in the NFT & DeFi ecosystem. Select investments include,, Tokemak, Blowfish, Hot Streak, Reservoir, and Variant Fund.

DeFi: Steve and Bre provision liquidity and farm rewards across various chains and protocols.

Collecting: Steve & Bre manage a collection of over 200 fine JPEGs. You can view a portion of their selection in their gallery.

Next Epoch Wellness

Led by Bre, Next Epoch Wellness leans on Bre's experience as a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, while utilizing Reiki and sound healing to create opportunities for her clients to balance their nervous systems, release what is getting in the way of their highest good and heal.

Corporate Wellness Coaching Program: Previously Bre worked as a Wellness Coach and Consultant for 0x Labs. She provided 1:1 wellness coaching sessions to employees and curated group sessions to allow for connection, vulnerability, and growth. Bre presents scientifically based research and data that promotes wellness and has developed a curriculum that educates her clients on how to incorporate positive mental health strategies into daily life.

Speaking And Presenting: Bre loves sharing what she has learned. Whether it is for a large corporation or an intimate group, Bre has presentations prepared on the following topics:
* Self-Compassion
* Polyvagal Theory: Finding your way back to Happy Energy
* Energy Healing
* Healing Autism Spectrum Disorders
* And more
Interested in Bre's data-driven take on another topic? Please email her at to discuss personalizing a presentation for your needs.

Couples Therapy: Bre has been contracted with an agency that provides celebrities with couples therapy. Bre uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) to get to the heart of the matter and loves helping her clients reconnect.

Next epoch is committed to creating a more inclusive & creative world.
To date, we have donated over $100k to righteous causes.